RED WING -- A final design for a new Memorial Park overlook has the Red Wing City Council's blessing.

The designs for an updated overlook have been revised a couple of times due to community input. For example, the previous plan was critiqued by numerous community members for the inclusion of only two parking spaces near the overlook.

The design passed by the City Council on Tuesday, May 26, combines the desire for green space and parking spots that will allow individuals to enjoy the park's view from their vehicle.

In the approved design, 12 parking stalls will be created along with two parallel handicap stalls and a bus pull-off.

The total cost for this project is estimated to be $316,405.

According to information compiled by city staff, the final design is projected to be less expensive than the previously approved design, which was estimated at $352,830. The drop in cost is due to a planned wall/limestone veneer budget going from $142,200 to $22,000 and the removal of columns/railings from the plan.

Noontime Kiwanis is a partner in the project.