NEW RICHMOND -- If a community event would involve city land or city staff, consider it canceled for 2020.

During a special sessionThursday, May 28, 2020, New Richmond City Council members approved a motion by Alderman Mike Montello to cancel all community events that occur within the public right of way, fall within public property and/or use city employees. The directive stands for all such 2020 events unless City Council grants permission.

He further recommended that the New Richmond Area Chamber of Commerce cancel all Fun Fest Events planned for this year.

The motion passed unanimously.

The council took the unprecedented action based on a recommendation from the City’s Community Emergency Response Team. Following a meeting on Wednesday, May 27, with members of the New Richmond Chamber of Commerce executive board and staff, the CERT team determined it is not time to put Police Department and Public Works personnel in social situations where voluntary hygiene and social distancing and gathering measures may not be observed and cannot be enforced.

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Additionally, the overtime costs to deploy staff to parades and Fun Fest would tax the city's budget at a time with future revenues are unpredictable.

The city’s paramount task is to keep staff, residents, visitors and volunteers safe.