ELLSWORTH -- The Pierce County Board of Supervisors couldn't meet Tuesday due to technical difficulties. The meeting was rescheduled for 7 p.m. June 30.

Pierce County Board hasn't met since its April organizational meeting, essentially thanks to the pandemic and having to meet social distancing requirements while also adhering to Wisconsin's open meeting laws.

The Pierce County Board canceled its May meeting. Then the meeting scheduled for June 23 -- which had two pandemic-related items on the agenda -- had to be postponed. Supervisors were to meet in one location and the public could watch from another county building, but the technology didn't work.

According to Amy Kosari, the pastor of First Presbyterian and Laurel Presbyterian churches in Pierce County who was there, a larger crowd than anticipated attended the meeting to discuss proposed changes in the county’s code for the public health office.

If passed, the ordinance would adopt existing state statute and allow the health official to:

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  • Investigate and report on any appearances of communicable diseases in the county.

  • “Promptly take all measures necessary to prevent, suppress and control communicable diseases, and … report to the appropriate governing body the progress of the communicable diseases and the measures used against them, as needed to keep the appropriate governing body fully informed, or at such intervals as the Wisconsin Secretary of Health may direct.”

  • Inspect schools and public buildings within the jurisdiction as needed.

  • “Do what is reasonable and necessary for the prevention and suppression of disease; may forbid public gatherings when deemed necessary to control outbreaks or epidemics and shall advise the Wisconsin Department of Health Services of measures taken.”

Supervisors also were set to approve or deny plans for a reduced county fair in August due to the pandemic.

During the rescheduled meeting, the Pierce County Board of Supervisors will vote on whether to hold the county fair and motocross this year. The local health official's duties, however, are not included in the agenda for next Tuesday’s meeting.

Board members will meet at the Law Enforcement Center. The public may watch the meeting live from the Courthouse Annex Conference Room. The board will be linked via video and audio from that location.