NEW RICHMOND — Following a special closed session of the New Richmond City Council Tuesday night, Sept. 8, city attorney Nick Vivian issued a statement on behalf of the city announcing the resignation of Administrator Mike Darrow.

It was unclear Sept. 9 when Darrow’s resignation would take effect.

Darrow’s first day on the job was April 23, 2012. He agreed to become New Richmond’s city administrator and utilities manager after serving in a similar position in Gilbert, Minnesota.

During Darrow’s tenure as administrator, New Richmond grew from a population of 8,500 to nearly 10,000.

He presided over a number of contentious challenges including the rollout of Wisconsin Act 10, construction of an immigrant detention center by Immigartion Centers of America, the relocation of homeless citizens from the Beebe Building and ensuing debate about affordable housing, and, more recently, the construction of a new autoport and intermodal transit facility by Canadian National Railroad and the historic challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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“As Mike came into the job, his focus was on four important aspects: financial sustainability for our community, family, safety and communication. On behalf of the City Council, we are thankful for his tremendous service to our community. In Mike, the city was represented by an administrator who put New Richmond first and represented our community in good times and times of challenge,” Mayor Fred Horne said.

Darrow’s departure makes the second significant vacancy the city will need to fill following the resignation of Public Works Director Jeremiah Wendt one week ago. Wendt’s tenure with the City began in 2013.

City Planning Director Noah Wiedenfeld has been appointed to serve as the interim administrator.

In his closing remarks, Darrow thanked Horne, the council and city staff:

“Being an elected official is often a thankless job, and I have been privileged to serve under your leadership. I humbly thank you for the opportunity of the past eight years. Words cannot and will never be able to describe the staff that make up our community. Beyond their ability to lead through difficult times, they are the most compassionate people I have ever worked with and their dedication to our community is second to none. I will miss them greatly. To our leadership team, you inspire me and I cannot wait to see what each of you do in the days, months and years ahead. To our first responders, what you do daily in not only keeping us safe, but the work you do for our community, is simply awesome. I sincerely wish more people would recognize the work of our fire department, police department and ambulance. Finally, being a city administrator has been an amazing job, but the title I will always be most proud of is being my kiddo’s dad. I look forward to many more adventures with her. NR Strong always!”