RED WING — Chickens will be on the agenda for the Advisory Planning Commission’s Tuesday meeting.

The proposal to raise urban chickens in Red Wing has been a recurrent topic of conversation for the past few years. During a 2018 Q&A, City Council candidates were asked whether or not they would support a plan to allow chickens to be kept in Red Wing. In August the Planning Commission began examining the topic after the Sustainability Commission recommended that city code be amended to allow the birds be kept in residents' backyards.

One reason that this topic continues to reappear is because members of the City Council and commissions have had challenges agreeing on what restrictions to put in place for chickens. One common disagreement is if neighbors should be consulted before an individual begins keeping chickens in their yard. Some municipalities require that an individual who plans to raise chickens collect signatures from neighbors to prove that the neighbors consent to the birds moving in.

At the Planning Commission meeting on Sept. 15, numerous aspects of keeping chickens was raised and debated — where in the yard coops should be placed, if the coops should be moveable, the number and breed of chickens that can be kept by one household, if coops can be in the front yard, how frequently the coops need to be cleaned, how to dispose of waste and more.

The Planning Advisory Commission will meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 20. The meeting will be virtual and can be accessed through Channel 6.

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