Jennifer Tift. Nicky Buck and Anna Ostendorf will join the Red Wing School Board in January and Pam Roe will begin another term if preliminary results stand from the Nov. 3 general election.

The four led the 11-candidate, all-female field. People would vote for up to four candidates, and Tift, who narrowly lost in the 2018 election for three seats, garnered the most support.

'I am excited about what this group of women have to offer the students and staff of RWPS. The

Jennifer Tift
Jennifer Tift
combination of our care and concern for kids, experience, creative thinking, and solution-oriented mindset is going to be the change needed for Red Wing schools," she said Wednesday morning.

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Roe, the only incumbent running, said: "The School Board race was filled with a strong group of incredible women. I’m honored to have won a seat back at the board table, and really look forward to working with the new members."

Pam Roe
Pam Roe

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The four will join Jim Bryant, Arlen Diercks and Holly Tauer, who are midway through four-year terms. There are seven board members in all.

For most candidates, this was their first campaign, including Ostendorf:

"I am honored and humbled by the support I received as a school board candidate. It's a big responsibility that I don't take lightly so I'm both nervous and excited. Between now and January I will continue to follow the meetings of the existing school board to stay up-to-date on the happenings as well as digging into more of the behind-the-scenes work that is part of being an informed and effective board member. I will also continue to listen to what our students, teachers, and parents have to say about their experiences so that I can represent them authentically," she said.

Buck, like Ostendorf, said she was humbled and excited,.

Anna Ostendorf
Anna Ostendorf

"Then I was honored that so many people put the love, support, confidence and hope into me to fight for the change our future desperately needs," she said. "I will be communicating with as many people I can to hear all their concerns with the school district besides the obvious ones of diversity, structure, special needs/learning disabilities, financial, respect for oneself, our peers and the environment around us and the living things within it. I want to build the relationships with the people I will be advocating for.

"Running for Red Wing School Board will be one of the most memorable times of my life. I’m on 'the shy side' and don’t so much enjoy being in the spotlight. But because I know children are our future, and believe all children should have equal opportunities and endless amounts of support, I took a huge step out of my comfort zone to prove I’d go lengths beyond this world to ensure that," Samantha Malcom said.

She congratulated the winners and didn't rule out running again. "I believe the three new members will be great asset

Nicky Buck
Nicky Buck
s to the board and I have complete faith in them.

Shelley Pohlman was another among the crowded field.

"I want to say 'thank you' to everyone who supported me throughout the campaign. My race for School Board has come to an end and with an outcome that I accept. I want to congratulate the newly elected members on their victory. Even though I was not elected to the School Board, I will remain an active servant to the community," she said.

All candidates were contacted for comments.

With preliminary results from 12 of 15 precincts, vote totals were:

Jennifer Tift -- 4,468

Nicole Buck -- 3,884

Pam Roe -- 3,574

Anna Ostendorf -- 3,066

Jodi Jackish Lewis -- 2,824

Constance "Tori" Campbell -- 2,643

Rebecca Peterson -- 2,379

Elisabeth Peterson -- 2,280

Shelley Pohlman -- 2,313

Samantha Malcom -- 1,645

Carmen Bertelsen -- 1,553

Candidates run at-large in Independent School District 256, includes all of Red Wing and the townships of Belvidere, Featherstone, Florence, Hay Creek, Vasa, Wacouta and Welch.

All results are preliminary until the Red Wing School Board, acting as a canvassing board, certified them.

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