During Randal Hermmerlin’s tenure, the Red Wing House & Revelopment Authority accomplished numerous items to remember. Hemmerlin reflected on a few those as his tenure with the HRA comes to a close.

  • Complete Street policies were implemented. These state that streets should be made appropriate for the neighborhoods through which they run. Hemmerlin explained that he was inspired to introduce this program to Red Wing when he saw seniors who lived in the Jordan Towers trying to cross Highway 61 to get to the river.

  • In 2009, Jordan Tower 1 was refinanced. Hemmerlin estimated that the decision saved the city $1 million over 11 years.

  • Both Jordan Towers have received updates and repairs in the past decade. These included updating elevators, adding a seal coating to both buildings and redecorating spaces to make them more inviting. Hemmerlin said of these projects, “I'm hoping that they'll stand now for 40 to 50 more years and look good for the community. And there always will be more work to be done. But that was a good start.”

  • Numerous housing units were developed including the apartments that being installed by CMA Properties above Josephson’s downtown. “The big news in the whole 14 years that I've been here is the 252 units for Keller Bartmann that we processed the tax-increment financing on … that will bring 252 new units to Red Wing. And just, you know, 108 general occupancy rental, 66 town homes and you know, hopefully, that'll bring in some families with children or to help the school district and then 77 units for seniors.” Hemmerlin added, “that's a nice sized project no matter where you are.” The KB project is near the medical center.

  • Small Cities Development Program loans. Currently, the Red Wing HRA has about $2.2 million for single family homes and commercial loans. “That program got a new start in 2012, where we revamped it, made it more what people would use and, boy, the businesses love it now,” Hemmerlin said.

  • The installment of programs aimed at aiding those experiencing homelessness in the community. “We also added the Bridges program that was nine vouchers is what we have right now and that program to help homeless people. And then we also had the shelter plus care program that was six vouchers," Hemmerlin reflected. "And then we've also converted our transitional housing project up on Hill Street, from transitional housing to rapid rehousing, that's another homeless program.”

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