RED WING -- Every year the City Council meets for a two-day workshop to discuss what the city accomplished the previous year and the council’s priorities for the coming year.

Before their Jan. 22-23 meeting, council members went through the city’s 10-year Strategic Plan, which was approved in 2019. Each elected leader highlighted the five strategies that he or she wants to focus on in 2021. Those listed below were selected by at least one council member.

City Council Administrator Kay Kuhlmann presented the selected strategies during the workshop.

“Following the council workshop, staff will place these projects in the matrix, a document that assists with management of projects, tracking costs, timeframes and staff hours," she wrote in her report.


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  • Encourage the reuse and renovation of existing buildings, upper floors and underutilized properties for housing, especially in downtown and Old West Main Street areas.

    • Find a partner to revitalize a vacant downtown building, using Downtown Redevelopment Funds and working with philanthropic partners.

    • Evaluate barriers and opportunities to the reuse of vacant space in downtown buildings.

  • Re-establish rental licensing program to assure properties meet basic maintenance and life safety guidelines.

    • Implement the program as soon as COVID precautions are gone.

  • Work with community partners to develop a coordinated communication program or resource kit that informs renters, landlords and new homeowners about their rights and responsibilities. Investigate creating a renter advocacy group or service that provides additional assistance to renters.

    • Create clear messaging to residents about the proposed Rental License Program and build awareness about renters' and landlords' rights and responsibilities.

  • Collaborate on a long-term solution for residents who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

    • Complete a study and support collaborative system changes.

  • Create a successful system for aggressively promoting all available building sites that will attract development of a mix of housing options for all people.

    • Work with Mayo Clinic Health System on the St. John's Hospital reuse study/plan.


  • Work with economic development partners to align efforts.

    • Complete negotiations with Red Wing Ignite on lease/service contracts.

  • Improve our plan to market our land and building opportunities.

    • Guide Bauer Built building redevelopment process.

    • Complete an economic development marketing plan for Red Wing.

    • Complete a plan to sell the Highway 19/61 property.

  • Revisit and update important area plans such as the Downtown Action Plan.

    • Use Port Assistance Funds for Dolphins at Levee to accommodate Riverboats, expanding the commercial capacity downtown.

    • Complete Transient Dock Agreement.

Environment & land use

  • Increase organic composting at both the Solid Waste Campus and throughout the community.

    • Initiate organic composting pilot.

  • Develop a transportation transition plan to move toward next-generation vehicles.

    • Implement recommendations in fleet conversion study.

    • Construct grant-funded electric vehicle charging stations for fleet.

  • Think creatively and support redevelopment projects that use land efficiently and embody accessibility, equity, sustainability and walkability.

    • Construct Old West Main pedestrian bridge and trail.

    • Complete Memorial Overlook improvements.

Public safety

  • Increase staff training and planning for all emergencies.

    • Complete ropes rescue training and host advanced rope rescue class.

    • Complete Prairie Island nuclear plant pre-incident training.

  • Maintain quality equipment to meet the fire department mission and fulfill the needs of the community.

    • Train with new self-contained breathing apparatus equipment, SCBA confidence trailer and live fires.


  • Develop a Red Wing Arts and Culture Plan.

    • Bring placemaking & public art plan to the City Council for approval.


  • Update the Storm Water Management Plan.

  • Continue to rehab storm sewer tunnels and line sanitary sewer pipes to maintain capacity and integrity.

  • Continue to replace sanitary sewer, water main and storm water pipes during street reconstruction projects.

    • The 2021 Old West Main reconstruction project.

    • Plan for 2022 reconstruction project.

  • Continue maintaining and upgrading water treatment and wastewater treatment facilities to meet or exceed the required standard for water quality.

Lifelong learning

  • Consistently evaluate and reassess the way city government makes information and services accessible and transparent to all residents.

    • Promote new library services .

    • Add four Chromebooks to accompany wifi implemented in 2021 (for a total of 10) to help individuals with employment opportunities and provide more access to health information and connectivity for financially disadvantaged patrons.

How we will act

  • Establish creative ways for city government staff and elected leaders to meet and interact with the public.

    • Develop additional ways for residents and elected leaders to connect during and after the limits of COVID-19.