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Former Ft. McCoy commander Ray Boland plans run for Congress

Ray Boland, former state secretary of veteran's affairs and Ft. McCoy commander, says he intends to run for Congress.

SPARTA -- Col. Ray Boland, a former garrison commander at Ft. McCoy and Wisconsin State Secretary of Veterans Affairs, said Tuesday he intends to seek the Third District congressional seat now held by Democrat Rep. Ron Kind. Boland is a Republican.

Boland is from Friendship and currently resides in Sparta with his wife Donna. He retired from Ft. McCoy in 1991 and served in state government until 2003.

In a press release Tuesday, Boland said he's "tested the waters in recent weeks to gauge opinion and has received emphatic support from family, friends, associates and citizens at large to become a candidate.

"People throughout this District tell me that my proven record of leadership and accomplishment are what they expect from their representative in the U S. Congress" Boland stated. "I have devoted my entire life to serving our great country and I will begin this campaign with that same sense of duty to the citizens of this District.

"For decades I have seen firsthand the commitment and solemn sacrifices made by thousands of men and women for the cause of freedom and to protect our way of life. I have also seen the lasting scars of war borne by veterans past and present. It is with great respect for their legacy of selfless service and a deep concern for the future of our country that I am stepping forward now to serve again, " Boland said.

"Time is running out to face up to the difficult work that must be done and we can no longer wait for a miracle," said Boland. Runaway spending, reckless borrowing, managerial dysfunction and political gridlock, have paralyzed the ability of our federal government to achieve the solutions we urgently need.

The 2012 election is a time for voters to demand that honesty and courage replace business as usual in Washington D.C. "

Boland said he's forming a campaign committee and will make a formal announcement after the holiday season.