A new occupant has taken up residence on Main Street in River Falls.

Just don't ruffle her feathers when you see her.

For weeks now, a mallard hen duck has been nesting in a streetside planter-box at Locust and Main streets.

David Page operates the nearby dentistry and, along with wife Alison, tends to the boxes. He said they hadn't yet planted flowers when the hen appeared in the box about a month ago.

The duck has since become a draw for Main Street pedestrians, though a sign above the box urges passersby not to disturb or feed the duck.

Page said he's seen nothing but respectful observations among those who come for a look.

"It's really kinda endearing that everybody is being so accommodating to her," especially after the duck chose the conspicuous nesting location, he said.

Page said the hen hatched one duckling about two weeks ago and that she has eight more eggs. It's unclear what will come of the remaining eggs, he said, acting on advice to leave the duck be.

He said a drake mallard spotted accompanying the hen several weeks earlier behind Emma's Bar likely sired the offspring.