A roughly 11-month, $1 million U.S. Highway 10 bridge rehabilitation project should cause few headaches for area residents.

The project - which includes replacing expansion joints, concrete deck repairs and other minor maintenance for the 25-year-old bridge - is currently restricting traffic to one lane on each side. The construction started in early September, and is expected to end in June 2019.

The current lane closures are set to end by November, said Matthew Pfeifer, Wisconsin Department of Transportation northwest region project manager. Throughout the span of the project, he said it will only have other minor effects on driving conditions.

The project will slow down during the winter, and aside from times when they test the bridge's up-and-down function, there shouldn't be traffic delays.

"Traffic does back up from [moving the bridge up and down] normally," Pfeifer said.

The work won't resume until May or June 2018, when they will begin work on protective surfacing for the bridge.

Almost all of the maintenance is necessary due to the bridge's age or typical erosion in various parts, he said. The work will also entail some painting.

The highway project's roughly $1 million cost is being split evenly by both the Minnesota and Wisconsin Departments of Transportation.