Pierce County residents saw an early look at the planned construction on State Highway 29, set to begin in 2021.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation held a public involvement meeting Wednesday, Dec. 12 at the River Falls High School to discuss the planned improvements and hear feedback from attendants.

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Project Manager Matthew Pfeifer said the planning is still in the early stages and looking for comments from the public.

"They can give us some other information about stuff we don't know," Pfeifer said.

The current pavement on the highway is beyond repair, Pfeifer said, prompting the project.

The first piece of the project span addresses Highway 29 from Cemetery Road down to County Road QQ. This project will replace the concrete pavement with asphalt, replace culvert and guardrail, make intersection improvements, and construct left, right and through lanes at the County Highway FF intersection.

A detour through Highway 10 will be used during this piece of the project. Pfeifer said local residents will still be able to access their properties.

The second piece of the project spans Cemetery Road from Main Street in River Falls to Highway 65. That project, an asphalt mill and fill, is currently set for 2025, but could start as early as 2021.

Pfeifer said both projects are one-year projects, and will be completed in one construction season.

Residents can send comments on the project through by Dec. 19 by email at matthew.pfeifer@dot.wi.gov or ryan.barz@aecom.com or through mail to Wisconsin Department of Transportation Northwest Region Office 718 W. Clairemont Avenue Eau Claire, WI 54701.

Another public involvement meeting will be held next year, and a website will be created for more information on the project.