HUDSON -- Parking in downtown Hudson will be a little different starting this fall.

Following a parking study presented in 2017, the city will be implementing changes to the downtown parking. The old parking meters will be gone, with new pay stations taking their place. Parking time limits and collection hours will see some changes as well.

The changes will be implemented this fall. An exact date is not set yet, but Hudson Police Department Parking Coordinator Katie Soukup said the city will make an announcement before implantation. Signage will go up, and the meters will be taken out when the new system is up and running.

Residents and visitors will have time to adjust to the changes. A grace period in the first few weeks will mean violators will only receive warnings.

Here’s what you need to know:

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  • The parking fees are not changing. They will remain 50 cents an hour.

  • Fee collection hours are expanding to include Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Parking on Sundays will remain free.

  • Parking permits will be available through the police department for $100 a year for employees or $200 a year for the general public. Permit parking will be in the Beach House, North and Williams Lot.

  • Maximum parking time has been extended to three hours, with certain lots designated as eight-hour parking.

  • Free holiday parking will still be available the day before Thanksgiving through Jan. 2.

Pay stations:

  • Meters will be removed, and parking fees will be paid at pay stations.

  • More than 40 stations have been installed downtown within close distance of all paid parking spaces.

  • Pay station fees can be paid in coin, card or Passport phone app. Cash is not accepted.

  • The Passport phone app allows drivers to add time to a station from their phone and start a countdown of time left in a spot.

  • To use the pay stations, users will enter their license plate number, zone number and payment.

Parking spaces:

  • Several new parking spaces were added along First Street.

  • 15-minute parking spots are available, with several spots along Second Street.

  • The Beach House, North and Williams lot will have eight-hour meter and permit parking.

  • The Phipps, North Plaza, City Hall, Harbor, Library, Boat Launch and City lot will have three-hour meter parking.

  • Boaters parking their trailers will use pay stations instead of boat slips.


  • Soukup was hired as parking coordinator as part of these new changes. She and two part-time officers will enforce regulations.

  • Signage will be increased to explain restrictions.

  • The new rules will have a grace period of two to four weeks after implementation. Warnings will include information on how to use the machine.

  • The cost of a parking citation is $7. Citations can be paid at the police department or City Hall.