RIVER FALLS — A trip through River Falls will now be marked with directional signs for buildings, parking lots, parks, schools, and other destinations. The initiative to place the first 30 post signs began the week of Nov. 4 but many more, including a stone community gateway sign to welcome visitors, will be installed in the coming years.

River Falls senior planner Brandy Howe said the plan to give the city a uniform sign system had been discussed around 2011 by the Business Improvement District and River Falls Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau. Finally, the plans were funded as a Capital Improvement Project in 2016 and were fitted with the following goals:

  • Create community gateways that are welcoming, memorable, and set a positive tone for those entering River Falls for the first time.

  • Develop a way-finding system that allows visitors to comfortably navigate their way around the community.

  • Establish an enduring design for municipal buildings, recreational facilities and the city-owned corporate parks.

  • Eliminate sign redundancy and reduce visual clutter created by unneeded signs.

A contract through Guide Studio, a company from Ohio, was signed in 2017 to design the family of signs, according to a city staff report. A steering committee was responsible for collecting city staff and stakeholders’ input.

In April 2018, plan phases were established which offered a six-year timeline to implement the various signs.

The city posted on its Facebook page Nov. 5 encouraging citizens to submit a photo of themselves in front of a new sign to have a chance at winning $25 in Chamber Checks. Dan Koecher was named the winner Nov. 11, who was posing in a photo with his newly adopted dog Asher from Woodbury Humane Society in front of the River Falls dog park sign.