WOODBURY, Minn. — City Council adopted special assessments for its 2020 Roadway Rehabilitation Project at its Wednesday meeting.

Although there was discussion regarding pros and cons of delaying the special assessment hearing and adoption because of an uncertain economic environment, as well as an email from a resident asking for a delay, the council decided to move forward with the hearing and the project as planned.

[JARGON WATCH: Special assessments are charged to property owners that partially fund improvements that benefit them, such as road repairs. The amount of money assessed to a property owner is based on the benefit they receive from a project. Special assessments can be paid in full within 30 days of the assessment hearing interest-free or over a period of 15 years with added interest.]

Roadway rehabilitation projects are scheduled out about 10 years, meaning that pushing a project back a year would lead to an "intense workload" the following year, city engineer Tony Kutzke said. Bid prices are also largely locked in with few variables that could change, Kutzke added.

The council did, however, ask for city staff to go back and review the set interest rate for special assessments in light of a drop in federal interest rates.

If social distancing guidelines are still in effect, the city will record a neighborhood meeting about construction planned for April and make it available online.

Savanna Oaks area

Most of the project area is located within a triangle-shaped area located between Radio Drive, Pioneer Drive and Lake Road. The majority of these residential roads were constructed in the mid- to late 1990s.

THE BREAKDOWN: All roads within the project area will be repaved. There will be a combination of complete pavement removal and replacement (about 15% of the project area) and mill and overlay (about 85%). Following roughly the same ratio, concrete curbs and gutters on some streets will be completely removed and replaced, while other streets will have spot removal and replacement.

Other improvements include:

  • Minor repairs to storm sewer, sanitary sewer and water main systems.
  • Replacement of trails along Woodbury Crossing, Prairie Oak Trail, Timberwood Road, Oakridge Trail and Savanna Oaks Lane.
  • Trail construction along Magnolia Drive and Woodbury Crossing.
  • Topsoil, seed and hydromulch restoration.

A map showing the area impacted by Woodbury's 2020 Roadway Rehabilitation Project. Courtesy of the city of Woodbury
A map showing the area impacted by Woodbury's 2020 Roadway Rehabilitation Project. Courtesy of the city of Woodbury

Some stop signs, all of them at T-intersections and reviewed by the city's Traffic Control Committee, will be removed. These are located at:

  • the Timberwood Road island
  • Magnolia Drive at Savanna Oaks Lane
  • Savanna Oaks Bay at Savanna Oaks Lane
  • Oak Ridge Trail at Savanna Oaks Lane
  • Prairie Oak Trail at Woodbury Crossing

ROAD CLOSURES: Timing of road closures will be determined at a later date.

COST: The total cost of the project is about $3.1 million, with $1.1 million coming from special assessments. The rest comes from the city's Storm Water Utility Fund, Water and Sewer Utility Fund and Street Reconstruction/Maintenance Fund.

Assessments are being charged as follows:

  • Single-family (238 units): $2,689 each
  • Single-family, detached townhome (102 units): $2,280 each
  • Multi-family (136 units) = $1,344 each
  • Commercial properties (four units): $4,337.87-$14,162.72 each (note: commercial properties are assessed based on frontage)

COMPLETION: Based on the information the city has right now, construction will take place May through October, though social distancing guidelines could potentially impact that timeline, Kutzke said.