Spring Valley Middle-High School will reopen Monday, Sept. 24 after cleanup from a severe storm that moved through the area Thursday.

According to Principal Gretchen Cipriano, a severe storm struck the middle-high school about 7:45 p.m. Sept. 20 as numerous school and community activities were taking place in the building, including a high school volleyball game against the Colfax Vikings.

“We didn’t even start the game,” Cipriano said Friday morning. “We got through the national anthem, then everyone’s phones started going off.”

Cipriano said people took shelter in the school’s designated storm shelters. No injuries were reported.

The Vikings’ school bus lost its top emergency hatch, which was carried to the woods behind the school building near the soccer field. The bus was parked by the curb in front of the school.

The roof of the Cardinals’ home softball dugout, which was less than a year old, was leaning against the school building at the conclusion of the storm. Segments of the dugout’s wall lay against the softball field’s fence and the school’s front lawn. “It went everywhere,” Cipriano said.

Fiberglass insulation was splattered along the back windows of the middle-high school, but no windows were broken. The school’s front, brick sign was torn down, and multiple trees were split or ripped out of the ground.

There was no interior damage to the building aside from minor shifting of ceiling tiles, but Market & Johnson contractors and engineers came in Friday to thoroughly assess the school. They are the company coordinating ongoing maintenance projects and now storm repairs.

Cipriano said in an email update Friday “there has not been any determination as to the specific type of storm, but we know that we experienced high winds and driving rain.”

The damage was localized to the exterior of the building, with only minor leaking impacting the interior, Cipriano said.

“Our roofs had significant damage,” Cipriano said in Friday’s email to the Herald. “The flat roofs over the gym and commons area are in need of repair but remain watertight.”

The red metal peaked roofs saw the least damage, while the soffit and fascia on all sides of the building were significantly damaged, she said.

“There were branches and entire trees down along the main driveway and behind the school,” Cipriano said. “The SVHS-MS welcome sign was destroyed. Our antenna tower for internal radio communications was bent in half.”

Cipriano said repairs were made to the front entryway to make it watertight, while the hanging soffit and fascia was removed or fastened.

“Dumpsters will arrive on Monday for the debris,” Cipriano said. “We have no leaks now; all leaks were along the front of the building. So far we do not believe there is structural damage to the building, but the review is ongoing.”

School staff reported to work Friday to check their workspaces for damage. Many remained to pick up nails, screws, sheet metal and other hazards in the parking lot, Cipriano said.

“They cut down and hauled away damaged trees,” she added. “They walked the PE field, practice football field, and most other grassy areas of our site, collecting small debris and piling large pieces.”

School will resume Monday with Homecoming Week festivities kicking off. The public is asked to avoid the school property until after the debris has been moved to dumpsters.

“We are grateful nobody was injured and thankful for the response …” from law enforcement, fire and the public, Cipriano said. “A special thanks goes to Athletic Director Matt Ducklow and the athletic department staff who managed the incident as it unfolded.”

Spring Valley Elementary School had classes as usual on Friday.

Spring Valley Police Chief John DuBois said the rest of the village sustained “very minimal damage such as smaller tree branches knocked down.”