With another winter storm forecast to affect the region this weekend, Xcel Energy reminds customers to prepare for severe weather. The company is also monitoring the forecast and is prepared to increase staff or send employees where they may be needed to restore power in the event of storm-related outages, according to a news release.

“We understand how inconvenient it can be to lose power and that’s why we monitor the forecast and our system so we can quickly and safely respond to changing weather conditions,” said Troy Browen, senior director of control center operations.

Keep natural gas meters and furnace vents clear

Due to the large amounts of snow the region has received this year, the company is asking customers to keep both natural gas meters and furnace vents clear. Clearing snow and ice from natural gas meters is key to avoiding the potential for dangerous natural gas buildup indoors due to vents becoming sealed when covered in ice and snow.

Xcel Energy strongly recommends keeping the entire meter assembly clear by gently removing snow or ice from the meter, associated piping and the roofline above the meter. Check often to ensure melting snow isn’t dripping on the meter from the roof or nearby trees. Use a shovel around a meter to move snow away; do not use a snowblower near a meter.

The company is also reminding people to be careful while operating snow removal equipment and to be mindful of where electrical boxes and gas equipment are located as they could be covered in snow. 

Stay informed - Sign up for outage notifications

Snow and ice can cause electrical outages and it’s important for customers to have access to the most recent updates about their power restoration. Customers can sign up for outage notifications through the My Account feature on the Xcel Energy website or by downloading the mobile app available on iOS and Android.

Additionally, the website hosts an outage map that displays information on the number of customers out and anticipated time for restoration. Customers can also stay informed by following Xcel Energy on Facebook and Twitter.