Meyer Middle School has chosen its February Students of the Month. They are as follows:

Sixth grade gold house

Cal Usgaard is the son of Mike and Heidi Usgaard. He participates and asks good questions in class. He is kind to others and excited to learn. Cal has done a nice job of adjusting to middle school and continues to work towards his goals. He enjoys football, baseball and hockey. Cal would like to go skydiving and swimming with sharks.

Clair Larson is the daughter of Jessie and Gina Larson. Clair is motivated to succeed in all of her classes. She is attentive, respectful and patient with her peers. She has a sense of humor that creates a fun classroom environment. Clair is a member of the River Falls Swim Club; she has two dogs and a hedgehog. Her favorite subject is language arts or literature. Clair would like to attend college.

Sixth grade blue house

Genevieve Kerr is the daughter of James and Megan Kerr. She is upbeat and kind to everyone she interacts with. She loves learning and is very inquisitive during class. Lastly, she loves to volunteer and give her time back to her community. Genevieve enjoys reading and playing soccer. Her favorite subject is science. In her free time, she listens to music, spends time with friends and draws. In her future she would like to be a chemical engineer.

Logan Morrison is the son of Brad and Karla Morrison. Logan is intelligent, asks good questions and is motivated in class. He is very detail oriented and organized in his class work. He is always kind and thoughtful to others around him. Logan enjoys school; he would like to attend college to become a veterinarian.

Seventh grade gold house

Jennalee Kinneman is the daughter of Tonya Weideman and Tony Kinneman. Respectful, polite and hardworking are all qualities that Jennalee possess. Jennalee is open to the possibilities around her. She demonstrates through her integrity that family is important to her. She enjoys spending time with family and being outdoors. She would like to go skydiving in her future. Her favorite subject is social studies and when she grows up she would like to become a nurse in the Air Force.

Callum Zalusky is the son of Joseph and Anna Zalusky. Polite, academically motivated and enthusiastic for learning, Cal is a model seventh grade student. He frequently self-selects to go above and beyond with learning and fun. Cal is respectful when discussing topics with peers, and strives for everyone to succeed. His favorite subject is social studies, but all of them are a close second. Callum is in band, jazz band and ski club. Things on his bucket list are skydiving, going on a ski trip and becoming a lawyer.

Seventh grade blue house

Brooklyn Bishop is the daughter of Ryan and Renee Bishop. Brooklyn is a mature, polite and responsible student. She is conscientious of others and frequently goes out of her way to help. Brooklyn always strives for excellence. Brooklyn enjoys playing volleyball and basketball, math and phy ed, being outdoors, going to the cabin and swimming in the lake. She loves watching baseball and traveling. In her future she would like to play volleyball and basketball throughout college.

Grant Dicus is the son of Wade and Julie Dicus. Grant is a great student with great character. He is always focused and respectful. He makes good choices and cares about others. Grant likes to play sports and hang out with friends. He plays football, basketball and baseball. His favorite subject is science and his favorite teacher is Mrs. Cook from Westside. He has two siblings. He would like to travel the world.

Eighth grade blue house

Avery Arndt is the daughter of Matt and Kelly Arndt. Avery is a responsible and reliable young lady. She is an enthusiastic learner who enjoys school. She works well in any situation, small groups or large. She takes responsibility for her learning by asking questions when she needs help. She is a pleasure to have in class. Avery enjoys gymnastics. She has been doing gymnastics since she was 8 years old. She also plays volleyball. In the summers she enjoys going up north with her family and spending time on the lake. In her future, Avery would like to visit Hawaii.

Ethan Nowak is the son of Dustin and Melanie Nowak. Ethan brings a lot of positive energy to the classroom with his interesting comments and different viewpoints. He is admired by his classmates and his teachers. He is always polite, kind and makes us laugh. Ethan enjoys playing numerous instruments and watching movies. He plans to become a director and go to film school. In his free time, he plays video games and hangs out with his family. His favorite subjects are science and art. On his bucket list he would like to graduate high school, go to film school and get a job.

Eighth grade gold house

Marnie Zea is the daughter of Larry Zea and Jennifer Bischoff. Marnie is an outstanding student. She consistently puts forth her best effort in class and on her homework. When a task is difficult or confusing, she will ask questions to make sure she understands. She is always willing to put in the effort to do her best. Marnie plays track, soccer and dance. She would like to travel, study design, be successful in life and have a great job in the design industry.

Anthony Jagg is the son of Michael and Angela Jagg. Anthony is a hard worker who does a great job making sure he does his best with every assignment. His hard working attitude is a great example for his classmates. Anthony likes to draw, read and play video games. He has a brother, two sisters and a dog named Rex. He would like to be either a paleontologist or an animator. His favorite subjects are art and phy ed. He would like to take a trip to California.