A New Richmond teenager accused of selling a pound of marijuana was charged last week in St. Croix County Circuit Court.

Tyler Clayton Alexander, 19, was charged June 16 with one count of delivering THC, a felony. He makes his initial court appearance on Aug. 6.

A second person connected with the case, 19-year-old Jacob Jeremy Rose -- also of New Richmond -- was charged with the same crime.

According to a criminal complaint filed in the case, a confidential informant ordered a pound of pot Dec. 16, 2014, from Rose for $3,500.

The complaint states the informant described Rose as “the middle” and Alexander as “the source.”

The informant and Rose arranged for a delivery to occur at 917 140th Ave. in the town of Richmond, the complaint states.

Authorities outfitted the informant with a recording device and $3,500. An undercover officer was also stationed near the house during the deal.

Alexander, Rose and a third male arrived and transacted the sale of one pound of marijuana placed in a sealed package for the $3,500, according to the complaint.

Officers stopped Alexander’s vehicle after the deal. After being taken into custody, police allegedly found the $3,500 in buy money stashed in Alexander’s back pocket.

Rose, who was driving separately, was also stopped. He allegedly told an officer that he was coming from a home where Alexander had sold another person a pound of pot for $3,500. The third male was also questioned; he said he had been hanging out with Rose and witnessed the drug transaction.