A 26-year-old local man who came to see his girlfriend was stopped, told to leave the house and finally tackled outside in the snow.

The man was later arrested for drunk driving-2nd and driving without a valid license-2nd in the early morning hours of Dec. 13 in the 100 block of North Fremont Street.

The man had come from a downtown bar to speak to his girlfriend because they'd argued earlier. He said he'd parked his Chevy Trailblazer nearby at Heritage Park and walked over

The residents in the house where the girlfriend lived didn't want the man around. When River Falls police officers arrived, they found the man covered in snow from being tackled.

Then a next-door neighbor woman came over. She pointed out how her parked van had just been sideswiped. Broken pieces of a Trailblazer were in the road.

The man insisted it wasn't him, that he was on foot. Later he changed his story. Yes, he'd hit the van, but he was planning to leave his personal information on the van window for the owner to find.

Police discovered the man had no driver's license and had already been convicted of driving without one.

He was given field sobriety tests, booked at the police station and taken to the hospital for a blood sample.

His drinking and driving violations will be heard April 10 in Pierce County Circuit Court in Ellsworth.

The man was driven by police to his home at 805 S. Wasson Lane and released to the sober care of his girlfriend's mother. She lives in the same apartment building as he.

Police also:

--Arrested a 36-year-old woman for shoplifting at ShopKo, 1777 Paulson Road, Wednesday afternoon, Dec. 14.

A security clerk detained the woman who allegedly tried to walk out of the store with various unpaid merchandise totaling $14. This wasn't her first shoplifting arrest in St. Croix County.

This time, the woman allegedly took office supplies, light bulbs and a bedside extension rail.

The woman said she was homeless and lives in hotels in Pierce and St. Croix counties.

While being booked at the police station, she told an officer she needed the safety bed rail for her husband's grandma in a nursing home; the pens and markers for her research on a child custody case; and the light bulbs for her lamps in the hotel where she was temporarily staying.

The woman's case was referred to the St. Croix County district attorney.