About 800 Food4Kids weekend food bags for students were packed over the weekend as part of the United Way of Hastings Acts of Kindness Week.

"It all started from just the thought of how can you be kind this week," said Mari Mellick, executive director of United Way of Hastings.

With so much negativity in the world, Mellick said, the state's United Way organizations decided to implement an Acts of Kindness Week to focus on the good. The Hastings organization decided to highlight just one of their initiatives during the week, which was Food4Kids.

Food4Kids is an initiative that was started after UWH learned there were kids going to school on Monday mornings who didn't have enough to eat over the weekend. Last year, UWH conducted a pilot program at one of the elementary schools. This year, more than 100 bags of food are going home to kids every weekend.

"We did not anticipate that we were going to be doubling our numbers from last year to this year," Mellick said.

Several community organizations and community members helped UWH in their Food4Kids initiative during Acts of Kindness Week. In addition to the 800 food bags packed, there was about $200 in donations received.

Mellick said that she would encourage the community to continue efforts in kindness especially with the holidays approaching.

"As a community ... there's a lot of good we can focus on, let's focus on the good," she said.