Proud of how Schutt 'ordeal' was handled

This was the most difficult ordeal I have been through in my nine years on the Hastings City Council. I am relieved it is over. I really want to emphasize that although the process took a long time to resolve, that is the way due process evolves. That is the law. And to dispel the rumors that were passed around, when investigations are initiated they can be brought from subordinates or supervisors. The public should not assume anything otherwise. Our administration staff was required to conduct the investigation, which is the law. I want to thank our city administrator, Melanie Mesko Lee, for following Minnesota statutes professionally and with decorum. Privacy and confidentiality were never compromised. And I am satisfied that all parties were fully engaged and informed on the investigation. I am proud of our city council and most importantly our city administrator for the way she conducted herself and the investigation.

Joe Balsanek

Hastings City Council member

McNamara would make us proud in Senate

During difficult times, it's crucial that we have proven leaders working on our behalf at all levels of government. Fortunately, during the up-coming special election in Senate District 54, we have a chance to return Denny McNamara to St. Paul.

Denny is invested in our communities and represented us well in St. Paul for over a decade. He's the exact leader we need. We can trust Denny to put the needs of the people ahead of all else and do what's right. He's experienced, knowledgeable, and will get the job done for us.

Whether on education, health care, or passing a common-sense state budget, there is no one better suited to fight for us than Denny McNamara. I am honored to endorse Denny McNamara and encourage you to join me in electing a senator of whom we can be proud.

Kellie Eigenheer

Cottage Grove