MINNEAPOLIS - US Bank Stadium was home to four days of the world's best action sports athletes competing in events ranging from skateboarding, BMX, Moto X and flat track racing.

Residents of western Wisconsin didn't have to look too far to find a familiar face, however.

New Richmond native and defending gold medalist in BMX Dirt, Colton Walker, faced one of the stiffest fields in any competition in the 2018 X Games. He hoped on using his "home field advantage" to his benefit.

"The past three days I've been practicing and I've just been driving here so it's just like I'm having a normal session with all my friends," Walker said. "It's pretty cool; to have it here is sick."

Travel advantages aside, Walker was unable to defend his title as five of the 10 riders topped the 90-point plateau with Brandon Loupos winning with a 95.00. Although Walker didn't make the podium, he did take fourth place with a 91.66. Last year, that score would have earned him a silver medal.

"I've had my run planned since my first day of practice," Walker said. "It was just slowly practicing each jump to make sure it was possible."

Walker participated in two other events throughout the four-day event, taking fifth place in BMX Park and Dave Mirra's BMX Best Trick with scores of 88.00 and 85.66, respectively.

Other area athletes included Nicole Hause of Stillwater, Minn., and Alec Majerus of Rochester, Minn.

Hause took fifth place in Women's Skateboard Park with a 79.33. She took fourth place in the event last year.

Majerus had a tough time putting together a full run in Men's Skateboard Street and settled with a seventh-place 66.00. Last year Majerus earned his first silver medal in the event.