To the editor:

My family has enjoyed living in Rosemount for the past 10 years. Our neighborhood has a rural feel to it, which is why we moved to here. We especially love it for the space we have on our property which allows our children to run and play, and occasionally riding a motorized mini bike.

Like all folks who live in a neighborhood, we must put up with the occasional noise of lawn mowers, chain saws, hammers, trains and airplanes.

The city is considering restricting the rights of property owners to user their ATVs and snowmobiles based on a few complaints. We feel that our rights to enjoy using our property may be unfairly taken away by the city. Police Chief Mitchell Scott has brought the proposed ordinance change to City Council for consideration.

Over the last two years, only seven complaints have been made to the police for the use of ATVs. It is unreasonable to change the rules of ATV use for the entire city based on the opinion of a few neighbors. If these ATVs being used during the summer by children were unreasonably loud and annoying, then I could understand. Our minibike is no louder than a lawn mower and is child size. Everyone has the right to enjoy their property whether it's having an outdoor summer party with friends, manicuring their lawn and yard, or riding minibikes. All of these activities make noise.

I hate the idea that anyone can call to complain and restrict the enjoyment of summertime fun. A public hearing will be held by the City of Rosemount at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 2 at City Hall. Anyone concerned with their rights being taken away should attend to voice their concerns over these unreasonable restrictions.

Erin Laberee