Disappointed in holiday lights


Very disappointed in the holiday lights in East End Park. What happened?? It's so plain this year. They were so nice the last few years.

Very disappointed.

Kathy Finstad


The voters are being undermined


The voters of Wisconsin made their choices in the recent election and Democrats were victorious. But Republican Gov. Scott Walker along with Republican leaders in the legislature had a hissy fit and chose, in special lame duck session, to pass new legislation which dramatically and disgustingly undermines the voter's choices.

Our own 93rd Assembly District Rep. Warren Petryk fully supported that legislation saying that it was aimed at "restoring the critical balance between the separate and equal legislative and executive branches of our State government." That sounds just wonderful but what it really means is that voters made the wrong choices and now we're going to overrule them. Former Gov. Jim Doyle said they are "sore losers."

I'm inclined to believe that the citizens of Wisconsin will not soon forget what the Republican legislators have done to undercut the will of the people so clearly expressed in their voting. After all, the last time I checked, America is still a democracy. I hope Wisconsin voters will give a painful smack to the posteriors of legislators like Warren Petryk when they next go to the polls.

Harlen Menk


Local unsung heroes


As we look forward to a new year, it is a good idea to reflect back to the previous year's accomplishments. I would like to tell you about your neighbors and maybe your friends who have saved 352 lives this past year. How did they do this you ask? They took time out of their daily lives to donate blood. Every pint given has the potential of saving four lives.

I would like to recognize all the donors who come to donate, but the list would be far too long. So I will only tell you about those have saved those 352 lives. The following four donors have given a total of 11 gallons of blood over the years.

• Matthew Breeggemann 16 donations for a total of 2 gallons

• Sherry Brown 24 donations for a total of 3 gallons

• Fay Albarado 24 donations for a total of 3 gallons

• Mary Gardas 24 donations for a total of 3 gallons

If you see any one of them please wish them a Happy New Year and thank them for being a local hero.

You can join this list by donating at the next drive on Jan. 7, 2019 at Zion covenant Church, 210 N. Beulah St., from noon until 6 p.m. You can make an appointment online by going to redcross.org/give blood give life or by calling Pam at 715-273-0310. Walk-ins are welcome too. To save 15 minutes at the drive on the day of the drive, you can go to redcross.org/Rapid Pass-read the info, answer the questions and print the pss or email it to yourself and bring it with you.

Pam Enger

Ellsworth Community Drive Coordinator

Climate change and grandkids


It has been a hectic week for climate change news with many dire warnings coming of of the UN's Annual Climate Conference.

Like many of you, I have grandkids now, one 6, one 2, and it is getting harder and harder for me to think about their future on this planet, and even harder to think about how little I am doing to try and make the planet safer for them.

The scientists are pretty clear about what we have to do; they say that in the next 11 years we have to cut the world's carbon emissions by 45 percent for our grandkids to have a reasonable climate, somewhat similar to today. Well maybe that's doable, but when I think about what it means in action, it seems almost impossible. Forty-five percent in 11 years means we have to scrap almost half of all our coal-fired and natural gas-fired power plants within 11 years (or scrap all remaining coal plants) and replace them with solar, wind and probably nuclear. That sounds incredibly hard. Plus we have to scrap almost half of the world's jet planes permanently and not replace them - how do we do that?

Plus we need to get rid of almost half of all our cars and trucks and replace them only with electric cars - within 11 years - that's about 130 million cars and trucks gone.

And we need to do as much as possible of this within the first two years, because greenhouse gases stay in the air for many years and decades, so we can't backend load all these changes.

It sounds impossible, but my grandkids are going to have to live through whatever mess we don't take action on. I feel now that the least I can do is to find some way to take some action on this every day from now on.

David Matthews

Town of River Falls