Sometimes local government has to focus on the small stuff. The Red Wing City Council's Jan. 14 meeting, the first since the 2019 organizational meeting, took care of business items required to keep the city and the companies and organizations within working. The consent agenda alone had 20 items.

One item that the council approved was a "small vehicle passenger service license" for Clarence Demers. Demers plans to begin a service that transports local residents to the Minneapolis and St. Paul airport. Demers will transport no more than five people at a time between the two locations in a 2010 Chevy.

A couple of on-sale liquor licenses were also requested of and approved. Red Wing Arts applied for a license for its upcoming art opening at the Depot Gallery "A Day in the Life" on Jan. 25. The Elks Lodge also applied for a license for the duration of the 2019 Big Turn Music Fest (Feb. 22 and 23).

During the meeting's general business portion, council members advanced the plans to improve Levee Park and Vogel Harbor. According to Ron Seymour, the project manager, the seed for updating Levee Park and Vogel Harbor was planted about 20 years ago. Seymour began working for the city in 2014 and has been working on this plan since then. The conceptual plan was also included in the 2040 draft plan.

Seymour has appeared before the council numerous times to share the changes to the plan, such as the layout and where certain pieces will be placed. On Jan. 14, the council approved the special projects team's recommendation to enter into a contract, totalling $5,343,306.05 with Meyer Contracting for the project.