Connect the dots


History has proven a force of self-motivation with unregulated power can disable a country by increasing the country's debt to an unsustainable rate; while degrading the authority of the judicial system and media, the walls of justice will unravel into chaos.

When a person justifies their leadership with, "It doesn't matter if you are right or wrong as long as you win," basic intelligence comes into question of followers of this philosophy.

It's troubling to see when my 3-year-old granddaughter is able to connect dots to solve a problem while followers of an angry individual, that has vowed to get those who would not loan money to him or laughed at him, cannot connect the dots of what is taking place.

Sleight of hand by magicians and con men is an art. Sleight of hand or speech isn't an art when the followers will just accept the lies because if he's wrong that would make you right and we will have none of that.

Because,"It doesn't matter if you are right or wrong as long as you win." If you are a follower, spend some time explaining that philosophy to your children and grandchildren.

Tony Huppert

Spring Valley

Shop locally


Dear neighbors,

I just finished reading the very long list of Shopko and Shopko Hometown stores that are closing. I was glad to see that River Falls and Ellsworth were not among them. I would urge you to shop locally as much as possible. These stores are vital for our community. We already have too many vacant storefronts in our downtown area. If businesses keep leaving or closing, we will find Ellsworth a dot on the map and nothing more.

Ask some older citizens about the town that used to be-clothing stores, shoe stores, hotels, saw mills, blacksmiths, several grocery stores and hardware stores, bottling works, diners, a bowling alley, a movie theater, shops to buy bicycles, sporting goods, musical instruments, a tin shop, a harness shop, TV, radio repair shop and many more stores for goods and services. Even in the last year The East End Store has closed, the newspaper has closed its physical office, the feed mill was torn down and moved to another town, Value Implement has closed and Ritzinger's Eye Care has left. We are indeed becoming a ghost town. No wonder our children leave town, there is no where to work, shop or play. Don't let Shopko be the next to leave. Besides all the goods and services they provide, there will be no pharmacy!

Shop locally,

Pam Enger