To the editor:

I was serving our country and I missed Woodstock. The music, the hugging, the fellowship ... I missed it.

But wait! Up in St. Paul at the Capital we have our Minnesota Woodstock. It is called the 2019 legislative session. Yes, sir, lots of hugging for sure. The singing revolves around tunes on legalizing certain types of illegal smoke and alternative discussion on raising the age on legal smoke.

Yes, it is Woodstock with nice clothes. The band is Minnesota One. As the music plays we tend to forget what our representatives were sent there for.

Many working families are not forgetting family priorities. Let me refresh: Let's start with health care. The cost is outrageous. The disappearing 40 hour week. By Minnesota law our citizens have a 48-hour work week. Union folks have a 40-hour week. Most workers don't have paid family and medical leave. A real tragedy. Employers are still stealing our wages by not paying us fairly. And our state is stealing our wages by something call Tax Fairness, which is nothing more than Tax Unfairness.

May I humbly suggest our Minnesota representatives and senators get to work and bring Minnesota back to the time when we cared about each other. When families are No. 1, Minnesota will be No. 1.

Bruce Yernberg

Red Wing