Akin to 'eating cake'


The recent comment by congresswoman Pelosi to offer the Trump administration ONE DOLLAR to help build and/or improve a wall on the Mexican border is akin to Queen Marie Antoinette telling the starving French peasants to "eat cake."

I wonder if the idled Federal employees and TSA workers are eating cake. Pelosi and other congressional millionaires seem arrogant and indifferent to their needs.

Doug Lansing

Maiden Rock

To my patients in western Wisconsin


As many of you know, the River Falls Shopko Pharmacy closed its doors on Tuesday, Jan. 29. My team and I are so saddened to leave you all, and I wanted to share my appreciation.

I stepped into the role of pharmacy manager there in the spring of 2017. Many of you were reeling from the departures of a number of well-loved pharmacists who had been there for years. I had some impossibly big shoes to fill, and I was fresh out of pharmacy school. You and my team had every right to be skeptical of what I could offer.

I wanted to prove to myself that I could meet that challenge, and I needed to prove myself to you. We had a few bumps in the beginning, to be sure. As I learned more about you, you all grew a little more accustomed to the loud, frizzy-haired, NebrasKorean (yes, that's how I describe myself) pharmacist behind the counter. It felt like a friendship that would last an entire career.

In my (nearly) two years of being your pharmacist, I hope you felt seen; I hope you felt heard. I hope you know I fought to give you the very best care and service, because you were all worth that and more to me. I'm very grateful for the opportunity I had to be your pharmacist, and I'm very sorry it was cut short so suddenly. Thank you all for making my first job as a pharmacist a truly amazing experience. If you ever have any concerns or questions and you'd like to reach out, you can email me at pharmacistjade@gmail.com at any time.

Jade Theisen


'Figures don't lie, but liars will figure'


The past several weeks Rep. Petryk (R) has used the Herald to explain how well our gerrymandered state legislature has done the past eight years. On Dec. 5, 2018, he wrote that Wisconsin had a $2 billion surplus. That seemed pretty good. What a surprise to read in the Jan. 23, 2019 issue, that according to Rep. Shannon Zimmerman (R) it was $588 million. Either someone had a real nice Christmas or somebody is very wrong.

That kind of discrepancy makes one wonder about some of Petryk's other figures. For instance, Petryk claims the GOP returned $8 billion to Wisconsin families. It would be interesting to know how he extrapolated that figure. Perhaps it includes tax givebacks to corporations, or taking money away from public schools and/or from county and local governments. Or it may count the tens of millions sent to private schools in the form of vouchers. It could also include budget cuts to the DNR and other regulatory and protective services, or underfunding the DOT. It may even include hypothetical tax savings accrued from the lost wages and benefits of public workers as a result of Act 10. Perhaps the $4 billion incentive to Foxconn is included.

If that is how it is figured, the GOP's claim is more about taking from one group to give to another than a net return of funds to Wisconsin families. A tax cut is not really a savings if it causes the need for a referendum at the local level. Furthermore, if money leaves the state in a corporate tax cut that is a net loss, not a return to Wisconsin families. That $8 billion return to families may be more a political shell game than a return of funds to Wisconsin's working people.

Regarding working people, Rep. Petryk also gave GOP legislators credit for record low unemployment. That begs the question, if low unemployment is a result of their legislating wouldn't it be exclusive to Wisconsin and not all our neighboring states too? Actually, the only way Wisconsin's employment recovery has been any different from our neighbors is that it occurred at a slower pace. Since that stands out as the singular unemployment difference perhaps the GOP deserves the "credit."

In any event, it is hoped that Rep. Petryk responds to this request for more information so his figures are easier to understand. Otherwise we are left to contemplate whether or not the old saying, "Figures don't lie, but liars will figure," applies.

Ron Ginsbach