Thousands will descend on Minneapolis the week of April 8. The reason? NCAA college basketball's championship game. Hosting an event like this takes months of planning. The directors of many agencies are all involved. The details and the hundreds of volunteers are practicing and getting ready to host the big event. The eyes of the world will be on Minneapolis' U.S. Bank Stadium.

Ironically, the most significant event (so far) in the playbook of history didn't have such a fanfare. It didn't involve thousands of excited fans or hundreds of servants getting a stadium and a city ready. What was the event that we celebrate this year in April?

The Resurrection of Jesus!

Behind the scenes, God was preparing the world for the event, but few saw it. Since the fall of humanity in Genesis 3, God was working a master plan to send his son, Jesus, into the world to suffer as a criminal and rise as the Christ.

I find it ironic that even his closest followers didn't recognize the epic-ness of the event. If they had, they'd be waiting outside the tomb to see Jesus again. Instead, they cowered in their homes, worried that the fate of Jesus would be theirs as well.

I guess I don't blame them. The disciples saw their friend, their Rabbi, their Messiah in the most vulnerable state a person could be. He was arrested on trumped-up charges, tried and convicted out of public view, beaten within inches of his life, hung on a splintered cross, and quickly buried in a tomb that wasn't his own.

But on the buzzer, Jesus rose and guaranteed the forgiveness of sins for all of history, creation, and human-kind. No one else did that for your-only Jesus. That is quite an event that couldn't be contained in any stadium.

This April, as you see the ads referencing basketball, remember that your forgiveness through the death and resurrection of Jesus is a slam dunk.