Super huge thank you!


I want to thank Micky Maher of the Falls Theater for having the courage to show the movie "Unplanned" this past week. It was a movie worthy of everyone, from teenagers to older adults, seeing it. For those who missed it or chose not to, you truly missed out. This was a movie that presented the horrors of abortion as they factually are but especially the redeeming love and forgiveness of God for any and all who ask and desire it.

Again, Mrs. Maher, thank you so very much! You are a true hero!

Tonya L. Merrill

Town of Clifton

Keep and expand hydros


Our hydros produce clean, renewable electricity, which is sold to utility customers at the current retail energy rate. The resulting "hydro revenue" pays for hydro maintenance, operations and administrative costs. The hydro operation also annually transfers thousands of dollars to the city's General Fund as a "payment in place of taxes." This cost is counted as an expense against hydro operations and has provided more than $500,000 to the city general budget in the past 30 years.

In 2017 over $100,000 of the costs of the Kinni Corridor project were listed as a "hydraulic expense." That is, coffee, cookies and Tech Talk speakers were funded as if they were "normal" hydro operating costs.

Our hydros remain self-sufficient. The Utility currently recognizes over $150,000 in funds from hydro revenues set aside for possible future hydros costs or projects. Expanding hydro production would be good business!

Some trout anglers and kayakers want the Kinni to run "free" for recreational use only. They advocate spending millions of dollars to destroy our dams, permanently ending this important part of our local renewable energy production. They say that our hydro electricity "costs more than purchasing the same amount of electricity from WPPI." They ignore the $500,000 the hydros paid to the city in "payments equivalent to taxes" and other significant city revenue which will not be there when the dams are gone. They also avoid saying that over half the energy purchased from WPPI is produced from burning fossil fuels.

We all benefit from a continuing year-round commitment to renewable energy! Only a select group benefits from seasonal recreational activity. Recreational enthusiasts promise that they hydro revenues will pay for the dam removal, while steadfastly stating the hydros are losing money. How does that work? Keep and expand our profitable hometown hydros!

William Hansen

Town of River Falls