Pack your bags and peel off a forever stamp to travel the world with Stanley Lambchop in the Phipps Children's Theater production of "The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley Jr." on The Phipps' main stage.

The musical follows the classic tale of an everyday young boy Stanley, played by Michael Wirth, whose life is changed when his bulletin board, brought to life by Riley Culver, falls on him, leaving him flat.

When it seems nothing can be done for his condition, Stanley takes the advice of his parents, played by Conner Boorman and Emma Hatch, and decides to make the best of the situation. With nothing but a postage stamp, he travels by mailing himself to far-off destinations to find adventure and do something no one's seen before.

Everyone who has ever read the book and sent their own Flat Stanley out into the world will revel in the nostalgia of this production. Most former students will remember the tale, and decorating their own paper Flat Stanley to send on adventures. From the general story to specific lines, like "Hay is for horses," the musical captures all of the spirit of its origin.

Added to the well known story is a slew of upbeat songs. The cast delivers them with energy and excitement.

The creative costuming brings the flatness of Stanley's condition to life. The set up is surprisingly effective to the audience's eye.

The moving parts of the scenery transform the stage into the various destinations of Stanley's travels, from his bedroom at home to the halls of the Louvre.

Laughs follow Stanley's journeys from going undercover in an unexpected outfit to starring in a movie in an unconventional role. Stanley's little sister Alice, played by Stella Hayward, is responsible for many of those laughs with her genuine but sometimes teasing sibling love.

Amid all the amusement and music, the play also drives home its key lessons of being careful what you wish for, making the best of every situation and the importance of home and family.

"The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley, Jr." runs through May 5, with performances at 7 p.m. on Fridays, 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. on Saturdays, and 2 p.m. on Sundays.