To the editor:

At Tuesday night's Red Wing Advisory Planning Commission meeting, the proposal for repurposing the old St John's Hospital was once again left on the table. Unfortunately, the Planning Commission appeared to have no alternative under state statute. The developer has to date answered none of the questions raised in a petition by the neighborhood.

Representatives of Mayo Clinic Health System suggest that a much better plan is on the way. Meanwhile, uncertainty is creating sleepless nights for many longtime residents.

The developer, in a written communication to city staff, thanks city for their support and their advice to seek a continuance in writing. Meanwhile, there has been no effort, in fact just the opposite, to reach out to the neighbors and acknowledge their concerns.

The neighborhood and the members of the Planning Commission deserve better!

We understand that Mayo needs to divest itself of this property. They knew that was in their future when they acquired it. However, this should not be at the expense of the neighborhood.

The lack of respect for the community, Planning Commission and neighborhood in this process is appalling. We ask that Mayo and the city take a step back and seek collaboration with the community and neighborhood.

Thomas Wilder,  Steven A. Johnson,  Judy Johnson,  Stephanie Elsen and  Peggy Rehder

Red Wing