To the editor: 

I'm looking at another letter to the editor, now from someone outside the district, that evokes "memory of and in respect for the service of former Commissioner Ron Allen," requesting that Scott Safe be appointed again, stating that "County residents appreciated the continuity." (RE, July 6)

Continuity? Safe made similar statements at the County Board meeting and wrote a letter claiming that his "interim role was truly about continuing Commissioner Ron Allen's legacy ... I would like the opportunity to continue carrying out his legacy." This "legacy" riff is maudlin manipulation, and manipulation has no place in an appointment process.

Safe was not Allen's choice. His name was one that arose only at the last minute after Allen's choice could not take office and the county administrator drew up a list. Safe was said to be a non-controversial appointment. That's not a ringing qualification.

Color me a crabbypants, but enough about "legacy" - we need representation. We need someone to represent GoodhueCounty District 1.

Appointment or election to the seat is not about carrying on Ron Allen's legacy, and there is no entitlement due after a prior appointment. This is a position to represent the county's 1st District.

I hope County Board members remember that they are the ones with the duty to appoint - they are abdicating their duty when they do not. It's July, and the board should have acted months ago. Just do your job.

Goodhue County District 1 needs representation, not more delay. Then onward to the election!

Full disclosure: I live in District 1 and applied for appointment. I offered to withdraw my application if that would get someone, anyone, appointed.

Carol Overland

Red Wing