Now that we are well into January of 2021, it’s time to think about what I am going to do this year. The usual boxes for me can be checked: a few days in northern Minnesota on Lake Vermilion and, as long as my body holds up, I can see myself heading to Colorado this fall for another elk bow hunt. Rounding out the more notable outdoor events would be a fishing/golfing outing in the northwoods of Wisconsin.

Those are the somewhat annual events on the outdoor calendar for Dave Beck but what if I didn’t have the restrictions of a job, responsibilities to my family, or the funds required for that matter? This is purely for speculation’s sake and to be clear: I have a good job and a great family but could always use more money. In no particular order, here is my outdoor bucket list.

I would like to go walleye fishing on the Columbia River in Washington. Now I’m not a huge walleye guy, unlike my older brother Tuna, but I can appreciate how big those marble eyes get out on the water. Over the years I have caught a couple of big fish but that’s by the standards of this area. The biggest recorded whopper out there weighed over 23 pounds and measured over 38 inches long. An interesting Cliff Clavin footnote: the guy who caught it was trout fishing.

Now this one isn’t much of a reach and I probably should have done this already but I’d like to stalk an antelope with my bow. I don’t know what it is about those goats, but there is something that draws me to that challenge. Honestly the only time I have ever seen them in person was from the comfort of my truck. While I enjoyed seeing them, a one-on-one matchup on their turf would be a lot of fun.

There is one bucket list item that trumps all others and no, it’s not a grizzly bear hunt. If that was your guess, it’s close, but I don’t care to ever go toe-to-toe with those animals no matter what the weapon. It would be a real thrill for me to bag a Canadian moose with my bow. I don’t know why, but maybe the attraction is the remote Yukon wilderness. Either way, for my money, bagging a giant moose would be the absolute pinnacle of the outdoor world.

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Now before I can do any of the things that I have listed above, there is one thing that I need to do. I need to buy a lottery ticket, but not just any lottery ticket, I need to buy the winning ticket.