In a few weeks, we will have a referendum on school funding on the ballot again.

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This is essentially the same thing we voted on less than a year ago and it was substantially defeated. It makes me wonder what part of the word no the school administration does not understand. The electors spoke clearly once, if defeated again how many more times will we have to say no before they understand the meaning of the word no?

In case no one in the school has noticed, these are difficult economic times for almost everyone in the district. People have seen their 401 K funds drop by 30 percent, energy and food costs are rising for everyone, people are getting laid off and foreclosures are rising. It is totally irresponsible to even ask the taxpayers to fill the trough with money again at this time.

If we look at the reasons for the referendum, I have seen some numbers that about 20 percent of the funds are to repair/replace tennis courts, bleachers and the running track. These are nice amenities, but certainly I question the need at the present time.

We are told some monies would be used to buy buses and make repairs to buildings. Doesn't the administration realize that these things wear out someday? As an individual, I plan ahead to replace my car so when it wears out, I have some funds set aside. It doesn't take a business manager to figure this concept out. Why then when these expected things occur does the school need to go to the public trough looking for more money?

It's time to vote no and no again.

Kenneth Peterson