My son has always loved River Falls and that was why we buried him here.

When going to the grave Friday before Memorial Day, I was shocked to see a tactfully bright orange sign taped to my son's grave. It was taped so good I had a hard time getting it off.

Our son Jason has been gone 10 1/2 years and now we have new rules. We were never given these rules before.

I would have never buried Jason here knowing we could not have plants in the ground and shepherd hooks.

The board says they recognize our mourning, but they don't because only when you lose a child will you know how we feel. This is all we have left to do for our children.

I have never come to Greenwood when the graves have not been taken care of. I walk around to all the children's graves and take in the beauty of what we all have done to make what we have left beautiful for them.

I have always taken pride in our son's grave and have kept it up. I agree with the Vineys that we should not have to take away everything from graves and only have an urn.

I have removed all that I was told to but with much regret. My son's grave looks so tasteless now and so empty.

I would hope that you are not so self-centered and so cold that just maybe you have a heart and you could put others' feelings before your own.

Not only do we have to live the rest of our lives without our children, but now are told we cannot show our love by decorating their grave.

Our children deserve more than that.