Both of my parents reside in the Kinnic Long Term Care and rehabilitation facility. I am quite pleased and satisfied with the level of care that both my mother and father receive at the Kinnic.

The nursing staff is superb and listens, and acts on, my every concern. The activities department does its level best to provide activities appropriate to my mother's and father's conditions.

Administrator Melissa McArdle and Social Worker Patti Miller are two of the most caring and compassionate people that you would ever want to meet. They always listen to me and check into my concerns immediately.

The kitchen staff deserves the highest praise. I am the fussiest person on the face of the planet and I regularly dine at the Kinnic.

I would give its culinary offerings a five star rating. The food is consistently delicious, well prepared and plentiful. The main chefs go above and beyond the call of duty. I eat far better at the Kinnic than I ever do or could at home.

The aides are friendly and have good attitudes. They are consistently seeing to the hydration of my mother, which is a constant concern of mine, as she is not able to hydrate herself. I am most pleased with their efforts.

In short, I want both of my parents to remain at the Kinnic Home. It's one of the absolutely best facilities of its kind in the state.