10 YEARS AGO, FEB. 28, 2002

"Bye finds silver lining," read the headlines after she brought home an Olympic silver medal from Salt Lake City. She also helped the U.S. women's hockey team win their very first gold medal at the 1998 Nagano, Japan Winter Olympics.

Wildcat gymnasts Jessica Lorenzen, Allie Flanscha, Suzanne Kolpin, Ashley Dusek, Morgan McCardle, Lauren Brathol, Raeanna Johnson, Natalie Langlois and Katherine Penton were on their way to state competition along with coaches Shelly Kahut-Loomis, Brian Whipple and Jessica Hegle.

Sponsored by Adam Schmidt of The Route, Tommy Glasbrenner and Tom Harmon competed at the Mid-America Nationals in BMX racing in Wichita, Kansas. Harmon earned two first place trophies and a second place, while Glasbrenner scored second, third and fourth place finishes in his division.

20 YEARS AGO, FEB. 27, 1992

Police Chief Roger Leque and the phone company offered suggestions on how to stop nuisance calls after a North Hudson man was arrested last week and charged with 35 counts of harassing phone calls to women and girls in the area.

Sara Rohl and Kate Fuller took top honors in spelling at St. Bridget School.

A fuel pump at the Auto Stop Service Station on the north end of town was accidentally knocked over last week by a customer's pickup truck. Serious damage was averted when manager Dan Reis (also fire chief) managed to douse the waist-high flames even before the first fire trucks arrived.

30 YEARS AGO, FEB. 25, 1982

Dennis Schultz and Kenneth Sabby were operating Mini Wheels Rental at 220 S. Main St., for folks who wish to rent motor homes.

After graduating from the Los Angeles Police Academy, Thomas P. Stapleton, RF high school and college grad and son of the Robert Stapletons of Roberts, had accepted a position with the Wiltshire district of Los Angeles, Calif.

40 YEARS AGO, FEB. 24, 1972

A 135-ton engine arrived at the municipal power plant, brought into town by two flatbed trucks driven side-by-side the 12 miles from the Norlake Plant in Hudson.

Ron Johnson and Steve Cernohous opened "The King's Closet," a store featuring menswear, located in the former Dewey Drug Store building on North Main between River Falls State Bank and Steve's Pizza Palace.

High school sophomore Nat Pope won his way to the state wrestling competition, with the sectional held here, breaking all attendance records in the state.

50 YEARS AGO, MARCH 1, 1962

Five-year-old Richard Fox narrowly avoided injury when his sled crashed into a car being driven on Union Street near the mounds area.

Some of the 4-H Clubs in the area included Clifton Climbers with Mrs. Oliver Younggren as leader with 15 members; Cloverleaf with Mrs. Leroy Morrow and 32 members; Country Partners, Mr. R.B. Welsh, seven members; Hill and Dale, Mrs. Stanley Dopkins, 20 members; Mann Valley GoGetters, Mrs. Don Taylor, 17 members; Town and Country, Mrs. Hartland Lubich, 176 members; Falls Firecrackers, Mrs. Mark Cordes, 15 members.

60 YEARS AGO, FEB. 28, 1952

Tragedy was averted last Saturday when Leonard Madison happened to be near the Kinnickinnic river near Rudy Larson's place when five-year-old Edward Groom fell into the river.

For women who prefer to wear their hose inside out to get a duller sheer effect, Helgeson's Ben Franklin was now carrying Strutwear reverse knit nylons with slimmer seams, less apt to twist around legs.

Residents of Monument School District and Town of Kinnickinnic petitioned to dissolve their schools and join the River Falls School District.

70 YEARS AGO, FEB. 19, 1942

At a Court of Awards Scouting ceremony Kirby Symes and Bobby Richardson received Tenderfoot badges; Charles White, Douglas and Edward Jenkins, Donnie Benson, and Bobby Doolittle received Second Class; Dick Freeman and Morris Crist received First Class; Fritz Junkman and Bill Wick received the Star; and Dick Freeman was awarded a Cub Leader's shoulder cord. Merit badges were given to Fritz Junkman and Bill Wick.

80 YEARS AGO, FEB. 25, 1932

The local Dime Store advertised "Depression prices to match your income" sales with bargains including men's genuine calfskin razor strops with full sized nickel stropper, both for 10 cents; men's rayon four-in-hand neckties in handsome shades and patterns, 10 cents; Listerine toothpaste 8 cents; and high grade candy bars, including Hershey's, Snickers, Milky Way, Honey & Almost, 3 for 10 cents.

After operating a blacksmith business for many years here, H.W. Thomson expanded his business to include plow repair.

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