It's an unusual question to get in your email on a Friday: "Do you know anything about the gun incident yesterday at Rosemount High School?"

We didn't, and while we figured the fact there hadn't been more talk about the incident was a sign it wasn't a significant issue, we didn't waste any time finding out.

The story, as recounted elsewhere in this issue, involved students from another school who had come to pick up friends for a trip to the beach. While they waited, they pulled out a BB gun and started playing with it. Somebody noticed and, understandably, got a little bit nervous.

There was never any threatening action beyond handling the gun, but in the post-Columbine era schools aren't likely to take any chances with weapons.

Nor should they. Rosemount administrators and police officers took action without overreacting. They talked to the students and got rid of the gun without any further problems.

Information about the incident has been sent to the Dakota County Attorney's office for possible charges. We're not sure significant court action is necessary. These students don't need jail time so much as they need a lesson in common sense. But they certainly need to know that they should more carefully consider their actions.

For a parent hearing only part of the story, the words "gun" and "school" can be frightening. The situation was no doubt alarming for people at the school before they knew exactly what was going on, too. Now that everything is squared away, though, we're just happy to know people were paying attention and everything was settled without incident.