With its plan to build a new frontage road along County Road 42, the city of Rosemount seems to be taking a cue from the Kevin Costner movie Field of Dreams. If you build it, that movie maintains, they will come.

In this case, of course, the "they" in question is new business, not long-dead baseball players. And while that notion might be somewhat less romantic, it still makes sense for Rosemount.

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In the past, the city's approach to building roads and other new infrastructure has typically been to wait until development demands it. It's a common-sense approach, a way to ensure the money is there to pay for a project before committing to it. But at a time when new commercial developments aren't exactly popping up every other week, it also makes sense to do something every now and again to move things along.

In this case, the city also has the benefit of knowing there is a proposed development in the works for the property that would be served by this new road. And while nothing about the project is guaranteed at this point, adding the new road will clear up some access issues that could have made the whole thing more difficult to pull off.

If the city can find some outside funding to help pay for the project, as it is trying to do with its recent designation of 149th Street as a Municipal State Aid Road, then so much the better.

Ultimately, Rosemount will benefit from increased commercial development. If it takes a little input from the city to move things along, then it makes sense to do some nudging.