To the editor,

Read with great interest, the article about an experience with the U.S. Postal Service, I have also had several nitpicking experiences with them. It's no small wonder that they are always on the brink of disaster. But being a government operation, they cannot fail.

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If you think you have heard them all, try this one on for size. A short time ago, I mailed two birthday cards to two different locations. The cards were in identical-sized envelopes, with standard postage. About a week later, I had returned to me one of the envelopes marked "insufficient postage." I went to the Hastings Post Office to enquire why it was so marked. The lady at the counter produced a cardboard with some lines on it. She laid my envelope on it and then said, "The envelope is a quarter inch larger than a standard size envelope. This requires double postage."

One card went through the system and was received on time, and the other one got there some time after the birthday.

Do you suppose some postal worker had just returned from eight weeks of paid vacation and saw an opportunity to do something profound?

They are a study in total confusion.

Harold Mueller