To the editor,

Just an appeal to readers not to bring more puppies and kittens into the world as long as there is such a surplus. As a veterinarian, I've noticed that a lot of folks want to witness the miracle of birth or don't get the cat into the vet before she sneaks out of the house for five minutes and then has seven kittens.

Unfortunately, this scenario played out at my own parents home. The cat had kittens in the last week of March. Before I could get over there to get the mother spayed she had seven more kittens in the second week of August. She got pregnant while she was still nursing! I was ready to cry. If it can happen to a vet, then don't be embarrassed if it happens to you! Just take care of it as soon as possible before it happens again! For your information, most cats and dogs are not fertile in the middle of winter. So if they are indoors, its a perfect time to get them snipped. If you have more than one unneutered pet, do the females first.

If you only have one pet, keep in mind that dogs will tie between chain link fence. Cats will drive you bonkers until you let them out or they pull the screen off the window to escape. There are shelters full of dogs and cats needing homes. There were about seven ads in last week's Star Gazette for free kittens.

Every time a new litter is born and adopted out by a private family, shelter animals lose their opportunity for a home. Some resources available for spay/neuter are Animal Ark 1-877-MNSPAYS and Minnesota SNAP (

Thank you!

Dr. Debbie Jahnke, DVM