To the Editor:

I just recently read the letter comparing abortion to slavery, calling abortion worse than slavery (R-E, Feb. 19).

I have a problem with the use of slavery as a comparison.

My first response is: How would you know?

Being African-American, the lightweight comparison issues and the ignorance and insensitivity sort of jump out at me.

The notion that slave masters cared about the lives of slaves is a silly one. The fact of the horrible issues of slavery being trivialized by a Caucasian male who couldn't possibly feel or understand the horrible nature of being treated as a piece of property -- to be done with as chosen by another human being -- also occurs to me. The bogus comparisons and the obvious lack of awareness of all the negatives that using that comparison is another clear example of people's ignorance about that subject.

I would ask politely that the use of slavery in this trivializing and cavalier way be stopped.