To the Editor:

The headlines are just a blur of the real stories. "A short life; a brutal death." "Shaken baby syndrome places infant in a coma." "Children removed from an abusive home." The list unfortunately goes on and on.

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I had hoped to write a letter similar to this, solely regarding the tragedy of the 4-year-old recently in the metro area. However, my adjectives were trivial in nature, in attempting to highlight his brutal abuse and death.

So, thus, my efforts here are to repeat again and again: If you are a parent or guardian, and you have a problem with controlling your emotions, and/or your anger, please reach out for help.

Infants and children are a special gift to us. Teach them love, patience, respect, regard for every living being. Teach them a deep sense of caring. And you will be rewarded with a loving well-balanced family.

The physical bruises and scrapes will heal. However, the emotional cost to the child, who is being abused goes far beyond sadness and guilt. As he or she becomes an adult, the low self esteem, anger, isolation, fear of failure, and hopelessness will be heavy baggage for that person to carry.

Remember, change the world of a child, and a child may change the world.