Dear Editor,

In the St. Paul Pioneer Press they have a weekly column for Sainted and Tainted deeds. I will have to qualify this article as tainted, in regard to the Hudson School District and their action to cut costs. It seems that whenever school districts decide to cut expenses, it is done in a way that it will cause undue hardships to the affected families. The district's cuts in bus transportation certainly have been done with little or no regard to the safety of our precious children.

The parents of my 5-year-old grandchild were informed by the Willow River Elementary School that because their home is two houses away from the so called bus route limit, they will not be allowed any bus transportation. They were given an option to pay for bus service but this 5-year-old would be required to walk over four blocks for that service. The walk would include crossing a busy Vine Street that has no pedestrian crossing marked, no flashing amber light and apparently no school patrol to guide the child.

It is sad for me to think that our elected school board members are willing to sacrifice the safety of our young children in their budget cutting decisions. I hope for the sake of the citizens of Hudson that they won't have to hear of some tragedy to one of our children because of these cost cutting measures.

Roger Bosmoe, Stillwater