Over the past few months, hundreds of older Wisconsinites have come up to me, written letters, or called my office to express concern about the future of programs they depend on, including Social Security and Medicare. I promise that I will fight against any attempts to take away or negatively impact Social Security and Medicare.

The negative impact it would have on Social Security and Medicare is one of the reasons why I voted against the recent Tax Bill. What some may not know is that by borrowing $2 trillion from China to give tax cuts to the very wealthy and multinational corporations, the future of Medicare and Social Security is put in jeopardy.

If that wasn't enough, Congressional Republican Leadership has publicly said that one of their priorities in 2018 is to make cuts to programs like Social Security and Medicare. It is wrong to take away programs that hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites paid into and depend on. Social Security and Medicare are not a giveaway. They are earned after years of payroll deductions and hard work.

Republicans and Democrats need to instead work together and provide certainty to seniors on the future of these important programs. In the coming months, I will work to secure the future of programs like Social Security and Medicare, and demand that Congressional leadership stands up for the benefits older Americans have worked hard for their whole lives.