Love is the way to combat hate


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River Falls is such an idealistic place to live and raise children. We are becoming more and more a diverse community with so much to offer. Seems a city immune to what we see happening in other cities. We seem so safe from the violence we see elsewhere. But in lieu of what happened in a seemingly safe community in Pittsburgh where the ultimate in violence occurred, 11 people were murdered because of their faith.

We think that could never happen here in our city. Yet, we know that in cities around us there has been bitter discussion of the acceptance of immigrants. We are a city of many denominations and there are others in neighboring communities. We are a city of many differing opinions and backgrounds, but we have seemingly not had demonstrations of hate, that is, to my knowledge. We are a city with a university adding to our diversity.

However, in the atmosphere of violence that has risen in the last year or so; in the language so readily heard on TV and elsewhere; in the political divisions and words used to incite division, are we immune or are we really united in the values of our country, in the words of the Statue of Liberty? Do we accept and respect people of a different cultures, countries, backgrounds, color of skin, other faith, sexual orientation, as well as political differences? Are we really safe? Certainly the Squirrel Hill community thought they were.

The Rabbi whose congregation suffered such great loss expressed himself beautifully when he said that the way to combat hate is with love. And is not that also the way to combat differences that initiate hate? Is not tolerance and respect also the way to combat the hateful words we hear? Is it not also remembering to love our neighbor as ourselves, a value of all faiths, not important in combating hate? It is something we all have to do as we go out to vote and accept the results.

Rev. Barbara de Souza

River Falls

Reproductive Health Services


Pierce County Reproductive Health Services, located on South Wasson Lane in River Falls, provides safe, skilled, confidential, respectful, non-judgmental, unbiased reproductive health care to women-and men-in our community.

A person seeking health care on a free or sliding-scale basis may receive a physical exam, screening and treatment for STDs, breast or cervical cancer screening, UTI, pregnancy testing, pre-conception counseling, emergency contraception, prenatal-care coordination and other services. Family planning is an important part of reproductive health-the licensed medical professionals at PCRHS provide all medically accepted forms of birth control, plus natural-family planning counseling.

This facility benefits all of us through preventing unintended pregnancies, improving maternal health and preventing, diagnosing and treating sexually transmitted diseases.

Maureen Ash

Town of River Falls

American Legion Auxiliary needs your donations


The American Legion Auxiliary Unit 121 is again appealing to the community to donate new items to the annual Gift Shop held at Freeman Drug, 104 S. Main St. Nov. 3-30.

The gifts will be for hospitalized veterans at the Minneapolis V A Hospital to select gifts for their loved ones at no cost to the veterans.

Auxiliary members will box and wrap the gifts in time for Christmas. Items needed are sweatshirts, hats, scarves, mitten sets, socks, bath towel sets, games for all ages, stuffed animals, toys, cars and trucks, dolls, movies and more. There are more ideas posted at Freeman Drug.

Monetary donations are also accepted. Thank you for your Christmas spirit of sharing.

Betty Swenson

Town of Kinnickinnic