The end of the year and the start of a new one is always a time of transition in our lives. And the same is true in the life of our city. This year, it's especially a time of transition for our City Council.

Two of my colleagues on the council will end their terms, and two citizens will take their places. All of us will work to maintain Rosemount's quality of life.

On New Year's Eve, Mark DeBettignies will conclude 16 years as a council member. He joined the council at the same time I did, and he has served as a careful guardian of our resources and as a thoughtful voice as we have grown.

As you drive through Rosemount, you see many features that weren't here 16 years ago - things like new neighborhoods, the library and Steeple Center block, the Cub Foods development, and even the place we used to call the "Coming Soon" site because of the forlorn sign that stood for so long before Rosemount Crossing was built.

Mark was involved in all these issues. He has spent three decades making Rosemount a better place through service on the council, before that on the Planning Commission, and through groups like the Jaycees.

Shaun Nelson is also completing his term on the council. In the past four years, he has brought a new perspective to the council's work, especially as a strong advocate for amenities to serve our youth.

Shaun also worked hard on building the economic base of Rosemount as means to fund the services that our residents want. And he has been a strong voice to support our public safety personnel and to bring the community together at events like the Food Truck Festival.

Mark and Shaun will now get a break from the frequent evening meetings and the hundreds of pages of documents to study each month. But I hope they will continue to play an outsized role in the life of our hometown and the planning for its successful future.

I am also optimistic that the city will continue to move toward its goals with the addition of two newcomers to the council. Tammy Block and Paul Essler are well known in the community and strongly engaged in activities to serve our families' needs.

I know they have been working this month to get up to speed on the way city government operates. And when they take the oath of office Jan. 2, they will be ready with a new voice at the table, to make sure the council and our staff are meeting the needs of Rosemount. I look forward to working together in our goal-setting process later in the winter to set the city's direction on the issues before us.

To those who have served our community and will continue to serve it, please accept my sincere gratitude for your work and my best wishes for the New Year. Please join us in working for the success of Rosemount in 2019 and beyond.