Tread brightly but lightly into the grownup world, class of 2019.

Some local schools wound up the academic year last week, while others will conclude classes this week. A few will finish up next week. Regardless, you get the sense that summer began with Memorial Day and so a new life commences for our high school graduates.

The class of 2019 is the first in which virtually every member was born in this century, in this millennium. To no surprise, technology has shaped them and theirs is a world of virtual reality at times yet staring them in the face are the realities of climate change, tariff wars as well as national and international discord.

Who are these young people and what can they expect of the world (and what can we expect of them)?

Studies indicate that Generation Z suffers from phone separation anxiety and that their attention span is all of eight seconds. Yet 88% are optimistic about their personal future. They tend to prefer advice from friends over Google searches and have healthy skepticism about the web; witness that they are seven to eight times less likely than their parents or grandparents and parents to get sucked in or share "fake news."

Class of 2019, we know you are ready to conquer the world - provided you have high speed internet.